Acura Insurance Cost - Acura TLX and MDX Insurance Cost

Acura MDX Insurance Cost - Acura TLX Insurance Cost

acura insurance cost 2020

Is it accurate to say that you are a glad Acura owner searching for good insurance for your four-wheeled Japanese companion? You went to the right place, compare Acura Insurance Cost Online. 

To figure out which company offers the most affordable Acura insurance MDX cost, we got quotes from 20 most unmistakable US insurers. We have tried every single one of them how they perform in relevant offices, for example, customer administration and financial quality, and then we ranked the best among them. We additionally noticed how many discretionary coverages they offer, for the individuals who like to customize their policy. 

At long last, to make your life simpler, we made a list of tips and deceives for buying car insurance. Apply them, and you can have confidence that you'll spare radically without relinquishing the nature of your coverage. 

Acura has gained notoriety for quality in its concise history since parent company Honda acquainted the brand with the North American market in 1986. Pundits and Acura darlings concur that the exceptional mix of extravagance, performance, and worth make Acura cars a fun ride and an extraordinary venture. In the event that you claim one of these inventive sedans, roadsters, or sports cars, you can secure it with 2019 Acura insurance cost

How Much Does It Cost to Insure an Acura? 

The way that Acura insurance cost more to insure than your common car should surprise nobody. All things considered, they are mid-range to top of the line vehicles, which cost more than normal cars. 

However, even by the standards of extravagance car insurance, covering Acura is costly. We found that the median insurance price for all Acura models engaged with our test was $247 every month. That is more expensive than BMW insurance, which was $203 every month, and it is keeping pace with Tesla's insurance, which had a median price of $258. 

What's especially disappointing for Acura proprietors is the way that BMWs and particularly Teslas carry more significant expense labels. 

In any case, while a few companies charge an exorbitant price for their coverage, our exploration showed that there are many top-notch insurers that are moderately affordable. Check the full subtleties of our quote comparison beneath. 

The rates for a 2013 Acura insurance cost run somewhere in the range of $1,000 and $1400 every year. However, your coverage cost might be higher or lower than normal, contingent upon your driving record, area, and different factors. Insurance companies utilize an exceptional rating framework that decides your Acura premium. These are a portion of the factors that significant insurance suppliers consider: 

  • Safety features 
  • Probability of theft 
  • Make, model, and year 
  • Size and kind of engine 
  • Vehicle body type 

As a result of the many standard safety features Acura introduces on its vehicles, these cars will, in general, get a decent appraising from insurance companies. 

Average Acura Insurance Cost (By Model) 

Our reference driver was a 40-year-old single male with a clean driving record and a decent FICO score, living in Oakland, CA. The points of confinement we pick were $50K/$100K for real damage and $50K for property harm. 

We likewise chose uninsured motorist coverage for a similar sum, just as collision and exhaustive coverage, each with $500 deductibles. The rental car repayment limits we pick were $30/$900, and our annual mileage was 10,000. 

The essential utilization of the car was driving to work. The model year of our Acura shifted included 2012, 2014, and 2016. We generally pick the midrange trim. To make our exploration increasingly available, we additionally incorporated the reasonable arrangement price in the sections.

Acura RDX Insurance Cost

Acura MDX Insurance Cost

acura mdx insurance cost

Acura RL Insurance Cost

acura RL car insurance cost

Acura TL Insurance Cost

acura tl car insurance cost

Acura TSX Insurance Cost

acura tsx insurance cost

Acura ILX Insurance Cost

acura ilx car insurance cost

Acura RLX Insurance Cost

acura rlx car insurance cost

Acura ZDX Insurance Cost


Discover the Acura Insurance You Need at the Best Price 

We the part operator works with an assortment of top car insurance companies to locate the correct coverage for your Acura. Since an autonomous specialist is not bound to one insurance supplier, these operators can offer fair input and exhortation about the policy that addresses your issues best. 

Acura Vehicle Facts 

  • The first Acura models discharged in the US were the Legend and the Integra, in 1986. 
  • Acura beat its fundamental competitor, Lexus, to the market by four years. 
  • Acura manufactures sedans, roadsters, sports cars, and SUVs. 
  • The TL was Acura's best selling model until 2007 when it was outsold by the MDX. 
  • Acura prices range somewhere in the range of $26,000 and $46,000. 

Many individuals decide to buy an Acura in light of the significant level of extravagance and safety for the cash. Likewise, since its appearance in the US, Acura has demonstrated to be a pioneer in auto engineering and safety innovation. 

Acura Auto Safety Features 

Acura began to offer airbags on the Legend Coupe in 1987, eleven years before airbags turned into a mandatory safety include. This duty to traveler safety stays solid. In 2009, Acura turned into the primary car company to have all of its models get a Top Safety Pick assignment from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 

Company engineers keep on raising the bar for auto safety innovation. New Acura models contain features like a forward collision notice framework and various threshold airbags matched with occupant position sensors. Acuras additionally give deterrent features, for example, voice-enacted comfort controls, run mounted route, and many different subtleties intended to limit driver distractions.

Compare Insurance Quotes for:

  • 2008 Acura MDX insurance cost
  • Acura MDX insurance costs
  • 2016 Acura Mdx insurance cost
  • 2019 Acura RDX insurance cost
  • 2019 Acura TLX insurance cost
  • 2019 Acura MDX insurance cost

Much of the time Asked Questions 

1. Is it expensive to insure an Acura? 

Indeed. As indicated by our exploration, Acuras are expensive to insure even by the extravagance car standards. However, you can generally go to Progressive auto insurance or another affordable company and cut the costs substantially. Preferably, select an insurer that is affordable, yet that likewise offers solid customer administration, for example, Amica, Erie, Auto-Owners, Pemco, Ameriprise, or Wawanesa. 

2. Is Acura expensive to fix? 

Truly, since Acuras are midrange or top of the line cars, they can be costly to fix. One hack that will decrease the fix costs is to go to Honda business. Hondas and Acuras frequently share similar parts, yet Hondas are spending plan to mid-range vehicles, meaning qualified fix shops have lower rates. 

3. How much does it cost to insure an Acura TL? 

We get car insurance quotes with no down payment from various companies for our reference 2014 Acura TL worth $18,000. The normal price was $227 every month for a full coverage policy. Mercury was the most affordable at $154 every month, while Kemper was the most expensive at $458 every month. However, we imagine that Amica at $189 every month is the bust buy. 

4. How much does it cost to insure an Acura MDX? 

In view of our comparison of Acura insurance offers from various companies, the normal month to month premium for 2016 Acura MDX worth $30,000 is $241. Dynamic was the cheapest company at $144 every month, while Kemper was the costliest at $391 a month to month. Generally speaking, we feel that Progressive is a solid decision.

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